Run The Year: Here's a little sneak peak at a goal for 2019. My wife has been doing a thing called Run The Year for 2 years; 2019 will be her third year. She's counted all of her steps towards this goal and actually achieved 2,018 miles in September 2018. We are forming a team in 2019, which is allowed, and we have a shared/combined goal of RUNNING 2,019 miles. I'm excited to tackle this. Not only will I be running every day to keep my streak, but I'll be strategizing with my wife to make sure we are running enough total miles to meet our goal.

Present Situation: It's New Year's Eve. The kids are in bed. We played a game called Pling Pong with them. It's basically beer pong minus the beer. I can understand why people play it with beer. I'll be working again tomorrow, so no late night for me, which is just fine. I'll be happy with a little TV before bed. My wife just said she wants steak. She's very random. She keeps me on my toes. My toes are sore. Tomorrow is a new year. What are you going to do with it?

Look at how early it still is on New Year's Eve. Wait... How did my award get there?

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The New Year Itch: I get the itch around this time of year to start resetting things like my goals, my financial spreadsheets, and the many docs I maintain. I get the itch to go through everything (physical, digital, mental), clean, and rethink what it means to exist. So many things, it's basically a yearly life-cleanse. That's how I view the calendar turning over. I started doing things like this today, and it will pretty much continue through the end of January. Though, by that time, I'll have likely gotten this process completed and out of my system. We'll see.

Goal For The Week: Get back into the swing of things. Get back to normal. Find a new normal. Survive.

Present Situation: I have to go back tomorrow. It's been a whole week since I've been at work. I'm working the New Year's holiday, and it pays well, so I'll be working 8 hours each the next 2 days. There will still be some time to spend with the kids in the evenings before they go back to school, and hopefully we can make it count instead of the time slipping by via the chores and tasks of life. That happens so easily with 3 kids. Hopefully, my wife will get her run in soon, and I'll finish up this note. Then, a little relaxation watching some TV and stepping like mad for the Wigan Runner UK Workweek Hustle.

If they're starting a Play-Doh bakery and ice cream shop,
then I'm going to have to start charging rent for the space.

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Road Trip, USA: It's been a long day, hours spent on the road returning home. On the way, we stopped and visited family in Iowa that we see too little of—those that were present at a get-together for my cousin and his wife. They spend time traveling and living on the road in the western part of the U.S. and Canada. We stayed for 2 hours, and we still weren't able to talk to everyone, AND there were many who didn't make it out to the gathering. A large family will do that. Still, it was great to see people.

Present Situation: I'm writing this note while a very loud karaoke concert is going on 10-15 feet away from me. I am wearing headphones just to dampen the noise. My wife is the one mostly doing the singing—no surprise there. My daughter did a little singing. My eldest son sang one. The Toddler sang two and then lost interest. I find this karaoke thing funny. My daughter wanted one for Christmas, so we got her one. But, standing at the desk and watching it all go down makes me think that, really, they are just singing to CDs. Seriously, put on a CD, turn it up loud, and there you go. I suppose the words are on the TV, but the internet has them also... I know it's "not the same," but it seems close enough. I digress. I still have a mile to run tonight. Ugh. IT MUST BE DONE! Why can't the kids' bedtimes go faster?

A party anywhere you go? Even the machine says, "No."

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Quote Of The Day: "Live by the ruckus or die by the butterfly." This is something I came up with about 20 years ago via the inspiration from friends, because they were starting a fictitious society. The society's name was the International Ruckus Society or IRS. It didn't go anywhere, but it was fun and not everything fun has to go somewhere. I find it odd that the phrase I haphazardly came up with years ago seems to actually mean more to me now. I suppose anyone could find different meanings for it based upon their life or current life circumstances. I guess that's the beauty of words and phrases. They change with people and/or time.

WTF! Awesome: I shared this on social today, but I thought it was worth sharing again here. The picture linked was taken using 24.9 billion pixels of quantum technology. It's probably easier to enjoy on your smartphone. Interactive Picture

Present Situation: Spent a nice night going out to eat with my parents, a sister and her family, followed by hanging out at my parents' home. The cousins got wild, and it was nice to see them making memories. The Toddler is sleeping, thankfully. The rest of us are on our phones and watching The School of Rock. Well, I'm writing a note, obviously.

Sorry, you caught me in the middle of a regeneration. #DrWho

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Correction/Retraction Stuff: In "Note 016," I mentioned a skit called "Lowered Expectations" and implied that it was an SNL skit, but I had only found MADtv skits on YouTube. It was late by the time I got the note done, and my faculties were overworked. It should seem obvious that it was in fact a MADtv series of sketches. Here's a link to a YouTube search. Enjoy. I apologize for any sleepless nights I may have caused.

Out About Town: My father, wife, kids, and I went to a museum of science. I've got nothing to say about it. I wish I did. It was fun. There's much to tell about the trip, but it would turn into a very long note/post. The Toddler got a kick out of many things, including the large pretend poop in the stuffed wildlife exhibit.

Present Situation: I got off of the phone a little bit ago with one of the credit cards I have. There were some fraudulent charges from another area of the country which made that card decline when I tried to get gas today. It's a good thing I have two cards with two different companies. Ironically unrelated, I think, we recently had rewards cash stolen from our Sam's Club membership. Fortunately, we will not be penalized for others' dishonesty. We are good about keeping tabs on things. Hopefully the rest of the night will be incident free. While I've been finishing up this post, my mother, wife, daughter, and I have been playing the games Pass the Pigs and Generation Genius - Kids vs Adults.

My wife caught me doing some run-dancing this morning. Run-dancing... running with soul!

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The Works: I suppose that it's not obvious, but there won't be a Graham Sedam Writes blog post, new or refurbished, this week. Actually, there won't be one for the first week of the new year as well. These weeks are two weeks of the year where I have absolutely no problem slacking a bit on the blog. Ironically, these notes on Notes.gs do make up a blog. So, yeah. I have a bit of an outline figured out for January but not solidified—some of it in my head, some of it on my 'post schedule' spreadsheet. In the meantime, here's an excellent chance to catch up on my GSW posts!

Guest Writer: The Toddler wanted to write something on my 'cooper' and so I let him. I asked him what it says, and he says it is "roads and pause it." The dashes are roads and the quotations are the 'pause it,' as in what the pause symbol is on a remote. Makes sense, actually. He said he wrote his name, too, but I couldn't get much else out of him.

okKJi hhooom789ttyyy66y666yttytyttt33lllllllllloopygghhhgnngyhhjhhhggh[[[]]]vcfghnnm   nnnn         bnmju890------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------jh--------------pouhyuikkjiujmmm[[[pppp==---------------kKNj---jJJJJJJJk,,,,,,ojihuhh\hgugygghuoooooooooooooooooooooooggglkoom;mpmmoi\ju0utv09tyrwwqbo'ohh;h;l;hlh    ;hh['h/h h''  / / 'hh'' h' ''''''''''''hpoi

Present Situation: The Toddler took another one of his dinner time naps, and so he's up for a while. My wife and I are spending some time in the living room with my mom while we watch TV, compute, chat, and whatnot. We exchanged some gifts today (better fitting boots and the correct Barbie) and bought a few with Christmas money while my dad was at a doctor's appointment. My wife and I ran together outside and did a mile. We played a couple new games with the older two kids. The only "rush" today was making sure my dad wasn't late to his appointment. It was a nice and easy day. Except for that tiny piece of glass my wife stepped on. I doctored it out like a pro. She lives!

The Toddler has developed a fondness for nutcrackers this year.

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Lowered Expectations: I've heard it said many times that one way to become a happier person is to lower expectations. I believe that is sound advice, but it can be an easier phrase to say than do. I feel it's probably a good time of the year for me to take that advice to heart. I often get wrapped up in accomplishing things, and that's not bad, but it's easy to get frustrated when things don't go the way I hope that they do. The kids are off on winter break, and the holiday season presents opportunities to spend time with people we don't often see. It seems to me to be a great time to relax as much as I can, enjoy the atmosphere, and go with the flow. The words "lowered expectations" also reminds me of an SNL skit that I can't find on YouTube. A lot of MADtv sketches came up, but I don't think that I've seen those before. I digress.

Present Situation: It's been a long Christmas Day. I like the idea of doing this note daily—it's fun—but still, it is a discipline. Much like my run streak, there will be easy days, hard days, and days in between. It's good, though, for me, even if it's horrible for you. *Chuckle* Tomorrow is the first day in a while where I don't really feel like I have to put a whole lot of effort in. That's a nice feeling that doesn't happen often for me. Circumstances of the moment, I suppose. Things will get back to normal soon enough. Next month will be a month to reset, to plan, to begin execution. More to come. I need to sleep.

I do believe that I've been gifted a sonic device, if I could only figure out that part. It's a pen, stylus, ruler, level, and a Philips/flat head screwdriver. #DrWho

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Run Streak: Day 190!!! It's so awesome to think about how many days I could go. I don't want to get ahead of myself, though. I'm taking it one day at a time. It's going to take a lot to stop me now—knock on wood.

Parental Tip: If you can't be a good parent, at least give them something good to talk to their future therapist about.

Present Situation: I want to sleep. There's a house to clean from hosting Christmas, and we've been working at it for about an hour or so. 2 out of 3 kids are in bed. My wife is playing with the wooden train set, so I said "screw it," I'm going to write this note. It was and still is a good Christmas Eve. More cleaning and trying to get the youngest to bed will be up next. Much accomplished today and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with tonight's festivities. I'll call this day a win.

I found the Elf... on a shelf. I get it! The Elf on the Shelf!

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Hot Tip: If you have to tell someone that you're not crazy, you might be crazy.

Movie Moment, Kinda: Today, I had a thought that I have once in a while, and I usually relate it to the movie, Donnie Darko. If you haven't seen it, you should. Regardless, the thought is basically that it feels like fate takes over sometimes, and it doesn't matter what is done to try and change the current situation. The universe had a timestamp for you to be at building X at 3:45 pm, or for you to try and get a series of tasks done in an hour and unforeseen circumstances make it two. There are plenty of scenarios out there, but I hope you understand my examples. Try as you may, the flow of time will correct things if you stray too much. Perhaps, in order to avoid this dimensional guidance, one must altogether get out of that stream and into another. One must change the narrative as if there were a Level 3 Parallel Universe next door.

Present Situation: We didn't end up watching anything last night. My wife chose to shower after her run instead of spending time with me in front of a tv. I know—she's horrible. Tomorrow will be a VERY busy and long day. One would think that it should be relaxing, but Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day are busy days for my clan, and all of those festivities and travel following the busy work weekend I had, and fortunately, ended up working out and wrapping up well. Once I'm done with this note: I'll get my run in, because I want it to count towards my UK FitBit challenge. I'll take my weekly shower. And then, I WILL watch some tv. I made "will" all caps, so it's going to happen. By the way, please send me some sleep.

The universe is puzzling, ain't it?

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Deadwood Returns: I read something yesterday that was quite exciting—there's going to be a Deadwood movie coming out in 2019. I count myself as one of the crowd that really liked this show and was disappointed when it ended after 3 seasons. Here's the post that clued me in: https://kottke.org/18/12/deadwood-returns

Goal For The Week: 7 hours of sleep average per night? Ha. Ha. Ha. Better luck next week? I was averaging about 6.5 until last night. I believe the night before didn't help, either. BUT, I still got my mile in the last two mornings. A slow and grinding, half-asleep mile—I'm getting kind of used to those. IT WILL MAKE ME STRONGER! ...Maybe?

Present Situation: I should really try to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep tonight. I'm not sure what's on the agenda for the rest of the night after I publish this note. Perhaps a smidgeon of catching up on tv? It was a very busy day at work that flew by faster than I would have liked. C'est la vie, eh?

Look at how happy I was to be in Deadwood, SD in 2009.
To my dismay, the place had calmed down a bit since 1876.

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Sun Worship: Happy Winter Solstice to those of you who celebrate it. I bid you all a welcome to The Official Winter. Perhaps if we do enough rituals and such, the sun will decide to come back and stay longer? How could we possibly know whether it'll work or not? Better safe than sorry—which means it works!

Parental Tip: If you need to frequently paint your furniture with touch-up marker, then you may have kids living with you.

Present Situation: I've been thinking today that the next two weeks are going to be both great and out-of-my-element jarring. I look forward to the Holiday period but also to the normalcy that follows. I'm certainly one of many with these thoughts, but I'm taking the opportunity my thoughts presented and making a mental note to accept what can and cannot be done and to do my best at making good memories for those around me, in particular, my family. 2 more work days to go until The Christmas.

It was on that warm spring day that Larry would poop in the food tray for the last time. 

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Posted Today: I've shared a post on social today that I recently refurbished. What is a refurbished post? Basically, it's an older post that I go back through to correct grammar based on my current knowledge, add pictures if there were none, and rephrase sentences that I prefer to rephrase. Plus, not everyone on the globe has read it. If you have an interest, read it here: The Scandalous Lives Of Frog And Toad

Current 7 Day Step Average: 37,117 steps per day

Present Situation: Fresh off of dentist appointments for all of the kids, we are hosting my wife's father and step-mother for an early Christmas get-together. The itinerary for the night: eat some of the homemade chili that I've crock-potted today for dinner (Chili Con Graham-o as I call it), partake in some gift giving, and have merry conversation.

There's a fire in my living room. I do not have a fireplace.

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Goal For The Week: I'm basically at a 6.5 hour average for sleep this week. It's make or break time. Either way, I'm getting more than last week. High five!

WTF! Awesome: I've been enjoying this link now and then for some time. How long? No clue. But, months for certain. If you click on the word "earth" or the hamburger menu next to it, both which are located in the lower left corner, you can manipulate what you see in many ways. You can see up to the moment global representations of wind, relative humidity, CO2, where there is a probability of aurora's, and lots more. Oh, and if you don't like the default globe look that you can use the mouse to spin to see anywhere on the map that you want, there are different choices in how you can view Earth. I've never looked at it on a phone, but my prescient senses tell me that you must look at it on a screen larger than a phone to really appreciate it. I find it amazing to think that we live in a time where it is even possible to have the ability to view the Earth in this way. https://earth.nullschool.net

Present Situation: We finished the Claire Foy SNL episode last night, and I don't have to/can't work tomorrow, so hello, Vikings! I feel like I've gained a few extra pounds from the puppy chow my wife made tonight. I'm fresh off of finishing up the refurbished post that I'll be re-sharing on social tomorrow. Check my social for a link to it or catch a link at Notes.gs tomorrow. Not sure where else to find me? Go to grahamsedam.com, which is basically my about page/bio/business card thing.

Ooh! Who's that handsome man with the painted-on beard? MEEE-OW

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Run Streak: Day 184 (Definitely over the halfway mark to a full year! I ran 1.3 miles tonight. It's been since 11/23 that I've ran a 5k, and I'm thinking I should get another one in before I go too long without. I HAVE been working on running at different paces to change up my "training.")

Karate: We finished learning Elbow Set among some other moves tonight, and now, we have a few weeks off due to the Holidays. My son and I will have to find some time to practice and remember some of the new moves. I'm sure that shortly after we return there will be some testing and earning of ribbons for doing a proper Elbow Set. OH, YES! We also played Sensei Says and both my son and I each won a round. We only played three rounds and the third round was won by Sensei. So, that was nice. We won "Sensei Says Winner" stickers.

Present Situation: Writing this note while my Brony son watches My Little Ponies. My wife is getting her run in while all of this happens, and I imagine she'll be less-than-happy that The Toddler and I aren't reading books. He SHOULD fall asleep pretty quickly considering he didn't nap today at all. He's a wild card and has always been. Another day of overtime tomorrow and some more refurb to do on the post due Thursday. We didn't watch Vikings last night and instead watched a little SNL from the Claire Foy episode. I'd rather watch a Vikings episode in one sitting, but SNL is fine in chunks, and that's what we ended up having time for. I'm not sure what tonight's tv quest will have in store...

The Toddler drew a picture of himself crying while sitting on Santa's lap with Elfa off to the side.

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The Works: I have a refurb due this Thursday, and I haven't started on it yet. As I write this, I don't even know what post is next; I live dangerously. I'm a little concerned considering I am working overtime the next two days. I'll have to figure it out. I don't HAVE to run the next two mornings before work to make those steps count toward my FitBit workweek steps, so I'll likely be spending some early morning time refurbishing. Perhaps, I can get it done within those two timeframes.

Art School: The wife gave The Toddler some child-safe scissors today, and he's been decorating the house with tiny, jagged scraps of paper ever since. Oh, well. It's good for him. The paper can be vacuumed. It's not like he's using markers on the wall again...

Christmas Classic: The two older kids and I watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town on DVD tonight. My wife was sewing at the table in the dining room, and The Toddler was busy getting his scissor-cutting fix in. I've been wanting to watch this Christmas show as it's been a while since I've seen it. The two older kids don't seem to remember watching it before, but it has been a few years or so since we watched it last.

Present Situation: Looking forward to watching the 3rd episode of the current season of Vikings and maybe a little bit of ice cream before bed. First, feeding the gremlin, er, The Toddler. Then, doing this note thing while the wife runs a mile on the treadmill. I'm working a full 8 hours of overtime tomorrow, and I still want to work towards my goal of getting an average of 7 hours of sleep per night. I didn't quite get that last night, but thank goodness for averaging, right?

"Is this a true story?" asks my eight-year-old son. "I'm not sure. I think so," I respond.

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James Bond: Welcome to the James Bond note. I've really got nothing to say about James Bond beyond that.

Goal For The Week: To sleep an average of at least 7 hours each night.

HoliMUDzle: We ventured out to the Holidazzle in downtown Minneapolis around 3 this afternoon and left around 6. Due to the warm temps, the whole area looked more suited for mud wrestling, albeit a cold winter form of mud wrestling. Rather than go deep into what we did, I will give a quick rundown. Food purchases consisted of cheese curds, mini donuts, and cinnamon roasted cashews. We saw 2 alpacas named Santana and Fortunate One. We took a "sleigh ride" into downtown and then back again. It was more like a sleigh-like trailer being pulled by a truck. It WAS a little neat to travel through the city at night in that fashion. The kids played plenty at the parks at Loring Park, where the Holidazzle was held. The wife and two older kids skated. We did a little walking around the vendors and other booths and attractions. They had fun. I was there to hold stuff, watch kids, and pay for things—dad life.

Present Situation: Two kids are sleeping in bed. The Toddler has crashed on the couch. This week's The Wigan Runner UK FitBit Workweek Hustle has started (12AM UK time/6PM US Central) and I need to step, step, step and get my run in. I should try and get a meal plan for the week and a grocery list together for shopping tomorrow. Having Sunday off has thrown my routine into turbulence. I'd love to watch a show before bed. I also need to get my mile run in yet today (and I ate too much for dinner, sigh). I like to get my runs in during challenge hours as much as possible. Plus, I woke with a headache today that lasted until we went to the Holidazzle. I stretched, foam rolled, and drank water all day, but ultimately, I had to take some ibuprofen before we left. That headache just didn't want to leave. Maybe it was because I eye-rolled so hard... wait for it... that it gave me a headache.

Hey, um, you missed one?

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Oh So Brutal: This is a post I found a while back and have revisited a few times. I find it interesting, though not surprising, that something like this movement or style exists. I can't say it influenced how my current sites are set up, because I never knew about Brutalist Web Design until sometime this year. I like the concept, and though I'm pretty sure I don't follow it to a "T," I feel a certain kinship to it. I just want simple, clean, and to the point. I used to build sites in Frontpage. I wouldn't say I was good at it, but I was constantly redesigning or "updating" the sites I had regardless of whether I had new content (words or music) to share or not. Keeping it simple has helped me to focus on the content, the reason my page exists. Sure, I'll always find things to tweak and improve but at least I have boundaries to reign me in. https://brutalist-web.design/

Present Situation: Today was a rough day at work. I had to be in early. I haven't caught up on sleep from the week. A day that was already busy because I have Sunday off. A day where, if it could go wrong, it was going to. I decided early on that it was a good chance to challenge myself and rise above adversity. Things ended up working out, and now, I can enjoy the night knowing I have tomorrow off. Some screen time catching up on some shows is in order. And then, hopefully, some catch-up sleep.

"What are you looking at?! Haven't you ever seen a man made out of wax?!"

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Run Streak: Day 180 (Almost half of a year! It was a rough, slow chug on the treadmill, but I did it anyway.)

Voicemail: My wife and The Toddler left me a message on my phone today when I was at work. He woke up this morning from a self-described nightmare calling for me. He called for me, because, he says, I'm his best friend. While I listened to this message, I could feel my heart melt within my chest, the warm heart-liquid make its way down to my legs, and then pool within my feet. My eyes started to get slightly moist. Yes, moist.

Present Situation: I've noticed that I've talked plenty about being tired this week. It's been one of those weeks, but it's not the norm. I guess I'll have to see how much I have to resist mentioning it here to see if that statement is true. It'll be an earlier Saturday morning than usual tomorrow. I have to be in to work for a 5:30 am meeting. AND, I have a mile run to get in before that. Good night.

Viking statue at the Minnesota capital in St. Paul.

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Going Live: I went "live" for the first time tonight on Facebook. We were invited to sit on the trailer with Santa and Mrs. Claus in our local SBM Fire Department Santa Parade. The temps were pretty mild but the 3+ hours we spent outside waving to people wore us down. We dressed pretty warmly and brought blankets, but my toes, for example, got pretty cold. The fire department collects perishable food items for the local food shelf, so it was nice to be a part of a good cause. Everyone along the route was happy to witness this annual tradition. Watch the video.

Posted Today: I published my year-end roundup to my 2018 goals. Read it here.

Music: How sweet it was to get 100 minutes of drumming in today.

Present Situation: Snack had. Writing note. Still tired. It's late-ish. Then, wake up tomorrow. Run a mile. Go work 12 hours. Come home. Put kids to bed. Write note. Go to bed. Repeat.

"Merry Crispness and a Happy Dressember!" -Graham said to the parade goers the WHOLE TIME! He will not be invited back next year.

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Current 7 Day Step Average: 35,829 steps

Feedly Tip: I'm all about promoting things I like and believe in. I was never a huge user of Google Reader, but other apps filled the void when that was shut down. Sometime earlier this year, I started using the free version of Feedly to follow sites/feeds. I love having one place to aggregate feeds of my choosing. You can follow my blog or these notes by entering the web address of either, separately, and then choosing to add the site's RSS.

Movie Moment: More and more, I can relate to the movie, The Shining. I'm pretty sure I've heard some different, not literal interpretations of the movie plot and meaning. If you do take the movie literally as presented, then I can relate to Jack Nicholson's character. I may go crazy trying to write at home. Old news, yes. I may go crazy attempting to do anything at home. My wife won't be happy to read this part. LASER EYES!

Present Situation: Tired. So, tired. Why must I write these things so late? Yes, there's only been three notes now. Not too much of a precedent set, but the trend is a bit foreshadow-y. I'll have to figure that out a bit. Maybe a nightcap in the form of this note thing isn't so bad? The day has had a bit of a chaotic feeling, though, my short time at work this morning was probably the least chaotic. However, plenty has been accomplished. I think we're done with Christmas decorating. My wife thinks so, so that must mean it IS so. The kids helped decorate the tree tonight with ornaments. Also, we are about a butt hair away from having Christmas shopping done. Yippee!

"Kids, that's ho ho horrible! TRY AGAIN!"

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The Works: I worked on a new post for Thursday. I spent more time on what I accomplished than I should have had to. I worked on it from home, so... I still have a little work left before it's ready to go for Thursday.

Karate: We learned a few more moves for the Elbow Set, among practicing and learning other moves.

Present Situation: I wasn't planning on this being something I did at night before bed, but I guess that's how it worked out for the first two of these things. I'm tired. I will be rising early for work. Mostly, I've got a meeting to attend mid-morning.

Out About Town: We ran some errands this morning, which included Home Depot. We spotted Graham-ta Clause.

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Run Streak: Day 176

Book Report: Doing Time in Hollywood (pg. 19) _Yes, I haven't been good about spending time reading it. Stop looking at me like that. I'm actually enjoying it very much.

Makes sense given the yin yang nature of the universe. 
I want to buy some Moon real estate.

Visual Entertainment: Vikings (tv) _Of all the shows I'm watching right now, this is the one I'm most excited about.

Present Situation: Drinking caffeinated coffee to stay awake, though I should go to bed, and wondering if I'm actually going to go through with this "Notes" idea that's been brewing (see what I did there) in my head for sometime over a year. It started out as an idea for a page on my main site that I would update occasionally. I was very resistant to add it as another feature to my blog for many reasons. Also, I wanted it to be very clean and simple. So, here we are. What is included in each of these "Notes" will vary by day. I'd love to do one every day. I am crazy. I was thinking about waiting until the New Year to start doing this, but I've been getting antsy to JUST FUCKING GO AND DO IT. The posts on this site will be more raw and to the point and less polished than my blog—two different beasts. Speaking of RAW...

WHOA! I never knew!

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