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Feedly Tip: I'm all about promoting things I like and believe in. I was never a huge user of Google Reader, but other apps filled the void when that was shut down. Sometime earlier this year, I started using the free version of Feedly to follow sites/feeds. I love having one place to aggregate feeds of my choosing. You can follow my blog or these notes by entering the web address of either, separately, and then choosing to add the site's RSS.

Movie Moment: More and more, I can relate to the movie, The Shining. I'm pretty sure I've heard some different, not literal interpretations of the movie plot and meaning. If you do take the movie literally as presented, then I can relate to Jack Nicholson's character. I may go crazy trying to write at home. Old news, yes. I may go crazy attempting to do anything at home. My wife won't be happy to read this part. LASER EYES!

Present Situation: Tired. So, tired. Why must I write these things so late? Yes, there's only been three notes now. Not too much of a precedent set, but the trend is a bit foreshadow-y. I'll have to figure that out a bit. Maybe a nightcap in the form of this note thing isn't so bad? The day has had a bit of a chaotic feeling, though, my short time at work this morning was probably the least chaotic. However, plenty has been accomplished. I think we're done with Christmas decorating. My wife thinks so, so that must mean it IS so. The kids helped decorate the tree tonight with ornaments. Also, we are about a butt hair away from having Christmas shopping done. Yippee!

"Kids, that's ho ho horrible! TRY AGAIN!"

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