Going Live: I went "live" for the first time tonight on Facebook. We were invited to sit on the trailer with Santa and Mrs. Claus in our local SBM Fire Department Santa Parade. The temps were pretty mild but the 3+ hours we spent outside waving to people wore us down. We dressed pretty warmly and brought blankets, but my toes, for example, got pretty cold. The fire department collects perishable food items for the local food shelf, so it was nice to be a part of a good cause. Everyone along the route was happy to witness this annual tradition. Watch the video.

Posted Today: I published my year-end roundup to my 2018 goals. Read it here.

Music: How sweet it was to get 100 minutes of drumming in today.

Present Situation: Snack had. Writing note. Still tired. It's late-ish. Then, wake up tomorrow. Run a mile. Go work 12 hours. Come home. Put kids to bed. Write note. Go to bed. Repeat.

"Merry Crispness and a Happy Dressember!" -Graham said to the parade goers the WHOLE TIME! He will not be invited back next year.

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