Out About Town: Today, for me, might have been the first day that it actually felt like the warm season has arrived. I ventured out of the house this afternoon and evening without a jacket. My wife, The Toddler, and I went to Home Depot this afternoon for a couple of outdoor things and tonight my daughter had her first softball practice. It turned out to be more of a meet & greet than a practice, but an important first step nonetheless. Me and the boys played at the playground, and my wife ran a mile. And so it begins...

Seeing The Light: With the amount of overtime I've been working along with the other various circumstances within my life, I've gotten pretty far behind on things I need to accomplish. I won't be working any overtime over the next two weeks, so I'll have—in theory—4 days each week to knock things out. Having things to do is not necessarily a bad thing. Without going into the details of what I have to do, it says to me that I have a lot of ambition and I'm clear (mostly) on what I want in life. Sounds like a good problem to have.

Present Situation: Today went pretty well, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My wife is off attending a fitness class tonight, and I'm happy that she's branching out more and pursuing something she likes. I look forward to hearing all about it. She did threaten to murder me if The Toddler was still awake when she got home, so I should probably start wrapping up. Today also marked a big step in my path forward in life. I'm sure that I'll talk more in depth about it in the near future, but to feed your anticipation now, I signed papers and handed over a check to start renting an office (one room) in an office building that is a few minutes walk from my house. I'm excited. GAME ON, WORLD.

Isn't it strange to find gum carefully placed on a shower head and NO ONE put it there?

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Run Streak: Day 308!

Mileage Mayhem: I have logged 307.9 running miles for 2019 so far!

Run The Year: I ran 21.4 miles this week. What was my mileage debt 2 weeks ago has turned into a surplus of  2.65 miles. I'm basically ahead by a full day. It would probably be wise for me to not try and get a new personal best in regards to total mileage in a week, for now. I'm just happy slowly adding to my surplus. Oh, and as you can see below, I earned a Run The Year bib for hitting 300 miles. My wife and I earned a 500 mile bib not long ago for our team's combined miles.

Present Situation: It's been a rough week in regards to accomplishing what I need to maintain and get ahead. The overtime hasn't helped in these regards and any time at home has been more of a chore than normal to get things done. These aren't complaints as much as a retelling of how the week has gone in general. Not everything is sunshine and roses, and I have no issues with expressing a little of what is going on from time to time in these Notes—when I'm willing or able to get them out. I have overtime to work tomorrow and Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to Wednesday as being the next time I can knock some things out. Wednesday and Thursday will be packed with things to get done and will also have an interesting twist to it. Perhaps that will be part of a Note. But, for now, Game of Thrones.

It's nice to be right on track.

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Book Report: The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber (page 44 of 268) _ One thing that became apparent to me when I started reading this book is its simple language. I'm always fascinated by people who can explain complicated things so simply. It takes years of experience and knowledge building to be able to do so. It seems like a contradiction, but it's absolutely true. That ability is something I strive for in my own life. While the book doesn't give step-by-step instruction on starting or running a small business (that I know of yet), it has been establishing a great base when it comes to the mindset a person must have going into it. If you throw in my own experience starting and running a small business years ago, the passages resonate a little deeper than otherwise.

Present Situation: Okay. First off, the first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 was not movie length. It was a normal, not-even-an-hour episode. Still enjoyable, yes. I will stop the complaints there. Bedtime and work are fast approaching. Made good strides today despite almost half of it being at The Place That Pays Me. The money keeps the boats floating, and I am super grateful for that. Building the life I want takes a few dollars. My wife and I will likely watch another episode of Maniac tonight. We're getting close to being done with the show, but there's only one season (so far?), so we'll be on to something else before long. I am pleased with its strangeness.

I've become very interested in pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone—replacing 'what if' with 'why not try.'

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Run Streak: Day 301! A full year is looking pretty close now.

Mileage Mayhem: I have logged 286.5 running miles for 2019 so far!

Run The Year: No personal bests this week, but I'm a-okay with that. I still put in more miles than I "had" to and ended the week with 22.7 miles. Where does that put me in regards to the mileage debt? Well, it looks as though I am 0.5 miles ahead now. That was my goal for the week, to erase that debt. Maybe now I can get a little ahead?

Present Situation: Overtime again tomorrow and for the next few days. Make that money and tuck it away—hide it from my wife. Game of Thrones starts up tonight, and minus a disaster, I'm ready to watch the whole "episode" before bed. From what I hear, each episode is supposed to be movie length. I'm excited. Chipotle is waiting for festivities. Perfect. Better go do that now.

I've been looking for that.

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The Works: I'm happy to say that today I finished up the post I've been working on most recently. I'll be publishing it tomorrow morning. It will be the next installment of my GSW blog feature, THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP. To access previous issues all in one, nice, reverse chronological timeline, click here.

Weather Report: I find it absolutely hilarious that it snowed today. That the forecast called for up to 2 feet of snow at one point or another within the last week. That so many people are bummed, shocked even, that snow—and so much of it—is falling. Here's my perspective. 1) I don't plan on it being actual enjoyable, being outside summer weather until June. 2) At this point, any excuse I have to delay yard work and continue working on non-yard work things like my blog, music, or secret projects is much appreciated. 3) I stopped being interested in the weather (local fluctuations, not climate change, i.e.) a long time ago.

Present Situation: Today has been a pretty productive, fruitful day but also difficult in regards to children—different ones at different points. I mentioned yesterday about things changing at The Place That Pays Me and the extra effort it is requiring at and outside of The Place. One positive of that ripple is that I had a great phone meeting with my financial planner this morning. Finance has always been a minor interest of mine ever since I earned my first dollar, so I'm a little bit of a nerd when it comes to that subject. It's nice to be able to talk to someone that I can connect to in those regards. It's a good time to rebalance and rethink some things. Anyway, I think The Toddler is asleep now, and I need to rescue my wife from underneath him. I think we're caught up on network TV, and if we are, I think we should pick back up on where we are with the Netflix show, Maniac. That, my friends, is a bit of my present situation in life and in the moment.

April 10, 2019—The people are devastated. I laugh maniacally as I look out the window.

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The Works: I'm getting close to being done with a post for Graham Sedam Writes. I was able to work on it a little today, but how far I get tomorrow will determine if I publish it Thursday morning. There has been a lot of busy work going on in my life lately centered around home and The Place That Pays Me—not just overtime. In a nutshell, I have to go through and do a bunch of "new employee" stuff because the company that pays me has a new parent company that owns it. That in itself has created ripples, and thus, the wheel has to be reinvented. I'll leave that there. Throw in my secretive projects that are also a part of my Works and it's easy to see that my time and mind have strayed a bit. That's okay, though. Nothing lasts forever, and even so, people need breaks. I'm sure half of this is repeated, but half of you might not read all of my posts. I write what's on my mind. Sometimes that repeats.

Check It: Among a list of this and thats I completed this morning, I wrote a review on Amazon for each of the last two books I read: Doing Time in Hollywood & The Black River Players. I encourage you to read them or at least to see what they're about. I also wrote a post on GSW about The Black River Players. You might like that, too.

Present Situation: I'm looking forward to a quiet night watching tv with the wife. Maybe even an early-ish bedtime, too. Today really kicked my butt. So sleepy. I'm excited to get caught up with whatever shows we need to get caught up on. Some of those shows have met their season's end. Game of Thrones will be starting up again soon, and I'd love to watch the 3 seasons of Deadwood with my wife before the movie comes out on May 31st. It has been many years since I watched Deadwood the first time, and I'm sure I'll get just as much joy out of it the second time through.

This might be the best reason to tell no one what you're doing. Everyone's a righteous critic.

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Run Streak: Day 294!

Mileage Mayhem: I have logged 263.8 running miles for 2019 so far!

Run The Year: I didn't set out to do better than I did last week, since I felt like the mileage I got was an act of life working out just right. Maybe not? This past week I took chisel to stone and hammered out a NEW personal best, if even only by a little. I ran 26.6 miles! I'm not going to make plans to break it again this week, but I wouldn't purposely avoid it, either. The week will inform me.  I AM eager to wipe out my debt, and where I stand now in these regards is 2.95 miles. I could run just enough to clear this debt, but I'm more likely to want to get ahead a little each week. I've been having tenderness in the general area of my shins off and on for several weeks, so it would be good to give them some TLC at some point. However, nothing stops the streak, even if that means only 7 miles a week.

Present Situation: I've got a day of overtime tomorrow. Well, 6 hours in the morning. Then, back to home for a few days of busting butt to both get things done around the house and to do those things that make me a person. I'm looking forward to a little bit of time with The Toddler before bed.

Everyday, I'm someone new.

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The Works: I re-shared a refurb post today. THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP #2 For those paying attention at home, you'll notice that I haven't been terribly active with my GSW blog. If I could fit in everything my heart desired on top of the chores of life, I'd be both lucky and unique in that ability. At this point, more posts are in process but not done. I'm not sure what this year will have in store for me, but there has been a lot of "stuff" that has been in the way of me executing on the things. In addition to that, I have been spending mental energy and time working on other areas that I'm entertaining the idea of pursuing. More vagueness. Having these Notes have helped to keep me active with blogging, and the GSW posts will be coming as they come.

Present Situation: I spent the last few hours cleaning—too many toys. Now, I'm going to spend some time with The Toddler, get some steps, and watch some Little Einsteins. Bedtime soon. I had today off, which was great, but I'll be back at The Place That Pays Me tomorrow for a 4 day stint. Not a whole lot of progress this week as a whole but still moving forward on many fronts. I'd be out at a Wild game (hockey) if my wife didn't have a prior outing scheduled. It was nice to be invited. That's okay. Next time, buddy.

This is what running 5 miles will do to you.

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Book Report: The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber (page 19 of 268) _ I am not going to get into this too much right now, but what I will say is that this subject matter has been incredibly interesting to me right now. I have an itch and I am going to scratch it. Where that leads will depend upon my desire. Full Disclosure: I have technically had a business before, but in actuality not a whole lot really happened with it for years and I shut it down. Maybe I'll talk more about that over time. I'm sure I'd have a lot to say. I learned a lot from that experience, and I've learned a lot since then. I will continue to learn more. I love learning. A special thanks to Ben for loaning me this book and having an interest in my future success.

Correction/Retraction Stuff: We found a crack in our tub; it's what seems to be the actual culprit behind the fiasco discussed in Note 086. The kids can still be bad about water outside of the tub, but this time, it doesn't seem to be of their doing. The Toddler was taking a bath today and my wife found water dripping in the bathroom below. She had recently caulked along the tub with 100% silicone and The Toddler had kept all water in the tub. Upon getting home from work and much investigation, I found a spiderweb like crack at the back of the tub. Everything about the situation has started to make sense. All of the clues line up.

Present Situation: You know how I said on Sunday (Note 087) that I wasn't going to be working as much overtime as previously planned this week? Well, that changed. There was a mix-up and it turned out that my help was needed. If you throw in that I'm stupid about getting sleep and that I ran 5 miles yesterday and 5 miles today, then it's not hard to understand my present situation.  Initially not on purpose, I've recently watched a couple of videos on sleep and it has been making me think more about making sleep a bigger priority.

One of these days, I'm going to take the time to Google pathoclast.

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