Not Good: Yesterday morning around 11 am, I found water dripping from the ceiling to the floor in the bathroom on the main floor of the house. There is a bathtub in the bathroom directly overhead. Long story short, the combination of cracked caulk along the bathtub and 3 children who use it caused the ceiling to collect water, and eventually, soak through enough to drip onto the floor. A small fan has been blowing into the access panel for the bathtub and shower since. There wasn't much to do with the ceiling but remove the part that bubbled, and I poked a hole to let the small pond drain. It could have been worse—my mind went there first. Fortunately, re-caulking the tub and a little cosmetic repair on the ceiling should set things straight. Maybe, just MAYBE, the kids will take us seriously when we say to keep the water in the tub.

Adversity Day: Today wasn't the best, but I didn't let it get to me. I went with the flow and remembered to smile. This isn't by accident, but rather, something I am aware of and am working at to become more resilient. Building blocks for now and into the future. There are a lot of ways to work on building this resilience to adversity, but what it comes down to is practicing it in the moment that it's needed. That is not always easy.

Present Situation: I had to leave The Place That Pays Me 2 hours early today due to a sick daughter, so I'm actually further along with my Friday night routine than I normally am. That's also after reading books with The Toddler at least 30 minutes among other things that came up that wasn't related to getting ready to go back to The Place That Pays Me tomorrow. If I play my cards right, I'll get this Note finished, watch a little TV, AND go to bed at a decent time.

The carnage. The destruction. The wreck...oning.

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