Today Is History: We tried eggplant parmigiana tonight for dinner. It went over fine for 4 of the 5 diners. My wife and I had some eggplant years ago and thought it was pretty good. It doesn't have an overpowering taste in the least. We also finally bought a pressure washer today. This has been on my wife's wishlist since we moved into our house almost 6 years ago. It comes with a handy floor attachment that will make it easy to clean our garage floor. I re-shared my 2019 goals post on Facebook. Give that a look if you're new to me or missed it the first time. I continued work on getting myself organized and strategized.  And, you know, more things.

Recent Link I've Enjoyed: Here's a quick article for you, if you fancy. My whole life, I've always been pretty good about being content with what I have. It hasn't been something that I've needed to work at, either. There will always be more "things" to have and other people who have them. I say that so often now that I have kids, but it's true. I do like to have "things," but what I'm driven by has more to do with how I want to spend the time in my life—the accomplishments, the experiences, the people. I want more life in my time. The Perils of 'Comfort Inflation'

Present Situation: The Toddler is at the helm watching some YouTube. He got a good nap in kinda late. That's okay. I've been working on this Note and my wife is taking an epsom salt bath after her run. If we don't kick him off of the TV, it might be nice to get a chat in with the wife and get caught up on some big picture talks. Yes, related to the work I've been doing.

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