Book Report: Doing Time in Hollywood by Brian Gallagher _ I did it. I finished this book today. I actually could have finished it yesterday, but I felt like not trying to squeeze it in, even though I only had a page left. I always feel weird about ending a book. I know that it's not likely I'll ever read it again, and for the most part, I have spent a fair amount of time with it. Not day in and day out but rather visiting with it over a fairly lengthy period of time. There's a certain attachment or comfort in it. I hope to read more books more quickly going forward, so I'll be curious to see how that evolves. I may write a little something about the book in a section of THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP. I'm likely to not write longform, standalone posts on books anymore, but who knows. In the next "Book Report," I will introduce you to the next book.

Goal For The Week: I'm pretty happy with the progress of the week so far despite some lows. Things really feel like they may be turning a bit in the right direction. I'm completely convinced that's purely my perspective, but it's a wonderful one to have. I attribute it to a variety of factors. Sometimes what it takes is having the right influences around and having the right mindset to achieve results. Confidence helps a lot, too. I never professed a specific goal for this week to the internet yet, but it's partly a continuation of last week's: planning, strategizing, and knocking out tasks—moving forward. Very vague, yes, I know. Depending on how the future shapes up, I'll say more. I will say that music and writing are small parts to my life's big picture and that there are other things I want to pursue and try out.

Present Situation: I'm looking forward to finishing Deadpool 2 tonight. It's quite entertaining, as I figured it would be. 2 nights in a row with all of the kids in bed. What?

Keeping the streets safe is a job for not just any toddler.

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