Last Week Tonight: A couple of reasons that contributed to why I didn't get to a Note last week were music related. On Thursday, my daughter had her second and final 5th grade choir concert. The kids did well. She was also able to do a solo, her first, and did a great job. I mean it. When the kids in 5th do a solo it's generally about 2 lines or a verse so nothing terribly long in duration. On Friday, The Toddler and I had an impromptu jam session in his bedroom. He played his drums and sang and picked an instrument or two for me to play along. He mostly stuck to covers of already established songs, but he did play an original. Lately, I've heard him singing a line around the house—one that he's written himself. It goes, "I don't even know you name." He sang this line repeatedly while playing the drums. I learned shortly after that this song has a deeper meaning than I had previously thought. The line is sung from the perspective of a puppy.

Thoughts On Notes: The problem with writing these Notes at night is that I'm starting to get to the point of no return in regards to fatigue, and then on top of it, there are plenty of unknowns and other random things happening that make it hard to get a Note done with any bit of expediency. Once in a while, everything aligns and all is well. Tonight isn't exactly that kind of night. One of the problems with this, and with all work on the computer in general, is that the home "office" is situated in the living room. This means that anything going on in the main floor of the house is going on right there. That itself makes it difficult for focus and expediency. It's important to notice those things and try to correct them.

Present Situation: I think that my wife and I are going to watch the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle. We watched the first one in theaters years ago and loved it. When The Toddler sleeps, make hay. I think. EDIT: Kingsman is neither on HBO or Netflix. The wife swears she saw it up somewhere. Deadpool 2 is a go.

Taco Monday doesn't sound as good as Taco Tuesday, but I'm not a fan of flatulent karate.

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