Run The Year: Here's a little sneak peak at a goal for 2019. My wife has been doing a thing called Run The Year for 2 years; 2019 will be her third year. She's counted all of her steps towards this goal and actually achieved 2,018 miles in September 2018. We are forming a team in 2019, which is allowed, and we have a shared/combined goal of RUNNING 2,019 miles. I'm excited to tackle this. Not only will I be running every day to keep my streak, but I'll be strategizing with my wife to make sure we are running enough total miles to meet our goal.

Present Situation: It's New Year's Eve. The kids are in bed. We played a game called Pling Pong with them. It's basically beer pong minus the beer. I can understand why people play it with beer. I'll be working again tomorrow, so no late night for me, which is just fine. I'll be happy with a little TV before bed. My wife just said she wants steak. She's very random. She keeps me on my toes. My toes are sore. Tomorrow is a new year. What are you going to do with it?

Look at how early it still is on New Year's Eve. Wait... How did my award get there?

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