Out About Town: Today, for me, might have been the first day that it actually felt like the warm season has arrived. I ventured out of the house this afternoon and evening without a jacket. My wife, The Toddler, and I went to Home Depot this afternoon for a couple of outdoor things and tonight my daughter had her first softball practice. It turned out to be more of a meet & greet than a practice, but an important first step nonetheless. Me and the boys played at the playground, and my wife ran a mile. And so it begins...

Seeing The Light: With the amount of overtime I've been working along with the other various circumstances within my life, I've gotten pretty far behind on things I need to accomplish. I won't be working any overtime over the next two weeks, so I'll have—in theory—4 days each week to knock things out. Having things to do is not necessarily a bad thing. Without going into the details of what I have to do, it says to me that I have a lot of ambition and I'm clear (mostly) on what I want in life. Sounds like a good problem to have.

Present Situation: Today went pretty well, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My wife is off attending a fitness class tonight, and I'm happy that she's branching out more and pursuing something she likes. I look forward to hearing all about it. She did threaten to murder me if The Toddler was still awake when she got home, so I should probably start wrapping up. Today also marked a big step in my path forward in life. I'm sure that I'll talk more in depth about it in the near future, but to feed your anticipation now, I signed papers and handed over a check to start renting an office (one room) in an office building that is a few minutes walk from my house. I'm excited. GAME ON, WORLD.

Isn't it strange to find gum carefully placed on a shower head and NO ONE put it there?

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