Thoughts On Notes: It's obvious that my Note and Blog contributions have been dropping off and becoming mostly non-existent. Life throws curveballs and not just heaters right down the center of the plate. Sometimes, we swing and miss. I've often noticed that life is pretty cyclical in different ways and that the more that I am in-tune with them the better I can react to them. What works out for a few months may go completely counter to the following three months. One must change and go with the flow or suffer unnecessarily. It's always a choice. SO, I've been thinking lately that my Notes will need to adjust. I never intended it to be a night-cap style post, but that is what it became when I started them. Now, it seems, the end of the day has become more difficult to accomplish. You'll notice (maybe) that I am posting a Note in the morning. I'm at my office, and it seems like just as good of a time as any. It is quiet and there's a computer sitting in front of me. I have something to say. There we go.

Recent Link I've Enjoyed: Here's a link to a very short post from Kottke.org that talks about the exact idea I talked about in the previous paragraph. Good Things By Their Nature Are Fragile

Present Situation: Um, office? Yes. I don't want to "reveal" too much too fast. I also want to delve more into it in a Workshop post, but I'm fine with breadcrumbs within my Notes. The short of it is: I needed a place outside of the house that would provide me a quiet recluse free (mostly) from distraction in which to conduct both the Business of Life and the Business of Graham. If you think there are other options out there or criticisms for my choices, you're welcome to hold onto those nuggets of wisdom. I rarely come to any conclusions or decisions on a whim. And, I'm cheap thrifty financially disciplined. Like I said, more will be revealed as time allows. Right now this second, I must continue to get caught up with the Business of Life so that I may move onto the Business of Graham.

You do you. I'll do me.

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