The Works: I've been so busy with the Business of Life lately that I haven't had much time to write. My intent was to carve out a little bit of time this morning to do that, but my brain feels a bit too fuzzy to accomplish that. What I did do is create a page at Graham Sedam Writes that I've been thinking about doing. It is essentially a short list of posts from GSW that I found to be more or less central to giving the casual passerby a rundown of me and who I am right now. The page doesn't have a lot going on, but it has enough. You can find it in the hamburger menu at the GSW site under the heading Blog Features. Give it a look here: https://blog.grahamsedam.com/p/essential.html

Present Situation: As much as I'd love to do work at the office right now (and get a Workshop post about the office and related things written), I can't stop thinking about what else I have to get done today. I'll need to get my run in to keep my streak. It's a beautiful day and I NEED to get a list of yard work things done. Next week will be spent almost entirely at The Place That Pays Me. And, the oldest two kids have extracurriculars tonight. Considering everything always takes longer than originally planned, I should make the most of the sunshine. Plus, it won't get easier as the week progresses. Still, I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity to have an office to go to and spend a small amount of time to myself to recharge. For me to be my best, I need that. Now to those other things.

The view from my home-to-office walk this morning.

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