The Works: I'm getting close to being done with a post for Graham Sedam Writes. I was able to work on it a little today, but how far I get tomorrow will determine if I publish it Thursday morning. There has been a lot of busy work going on in my life lately centered around home and The Place That Pays Me—not just overtime. In a nutshell, I have to go through and do a bunch of "new employee" stuff because the company that pays me has a new parent company that owns it. That in itself has created ripples, and thus, the wheel has to be reinvented. I'll leave that there. Throw in my secretive projects that are also a part of my Works and it's easy to see that my time and mind have strayed a bit. That's okay, though. Nothing lasts forever, and even so, people need breaks. I'm sure half of this is repeated, but half of you might not read all of my posts. I write what's on my mind. Sometimes that repeats.

Check It: Among a list of this and thats I completed this morning, I wrote a review on Amazon for each of the last two books I read: Doing Time in Hollywood & The Black River Players. I encourage you to read them or at least to see what they're about. I also wrote a post on GSW about The Black River Players. You might like that, too.

Present Situation: I'm looking forward to a quiet night watching tv with the wife. Maybe even an early-ish bedtime, too. Today really kicked my butt. So sleepy. I'm excited to get caught up with whatever shows we need to get caught up on. Some of those shows have met their season's end. Game of Thrones will be starting up again soon, and I'd love to watch the 3 seasons of Deadwood with my wife before the movie comes out on May 31st. It has been many years since I watched Deadwood the first time, and I'm sure I'll get just as much joy out of it the second time through.

This might be the best reason to tell no one what you're doing. Everyone's a righteous critic.

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