The Works: I'm happy to say that today I finished up the post I've been working on most recently. I'll be publishing it tomorrow morning. It will be the next installment of my GSW blog feature, THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP. To access previous issues all in one, nice, reverse chronological timeline, click here.

Weather Report: I find it absolutely hilarious that it snowed today. That the forecast called for up to 2 feet of snow at one point or another within the last week. That so many people are bummed, shocked even, that snow—and so much of it—is falling. Here's my perspective. 1) I don't plan on it being actual enjoyable, being outside summer weather until June. 2) At this point, any excuse I have to delay yard work and continue working on non-yard work things like my blog, music, or secret projects is much appreciated. 3) I stopped being interested in the weather (local fluctuations, not climate change, i.e.) a long time ago.

Present Situation: Today has been a pretty productive, fruitful day but also difficult in regards to children—different ones at different points. I mentioned yesterday about things changing at The Place That Pays Me and the extra effort it is requiring at and outside of The Place. One positive of that ripple is that I had a great phone meeting with my financial planner this morning. Finance has always been a minor interest of mine ever since I earned my first dollar, so I'm a little bit of a nerd when it comes to that subject. It's nice to be able to talk to someone that I can connect to in those regards. It's a good time to rebalance and rethink some things. Anyway, I think The Toddler is asleep now, and I need to rescue my wife from underneath him. I think we're caught up on network TV, and if we are, I think we should pick back up on where we are with the Netflix show, Maniac. That, my friends, is a bit of my present situation in life and in the moment.

April 10, 2019—The people are devastated. I laugh maniacally as I look out the window.

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