Run Streak: Day 301! A full year is looking pretty close now.

Mileage Mayhem: I have logged 286.5 running miles for 2019 so far!

Run The Year: No personal bests this week, but I'm a-okay with that. I still put in more miles than I "had" to and ended the week with 22.7 miles. Where does that put me in regards to the mileage debt? Well, it looks as though I am 0.5 miles ahead now. That was my goal for the week, to erase that debt. Maybe now I can get a little ahead?

Present Situation: Overtime again tomorrow and for the next few days. Make that money and tuck it away—hide it from my wife. Game of Thrones starts up tonight, and minus a disaster, I'm ready to watch the whole "episode" before bed. From what I hear, each episode is supposed to be movie length. I'm excited. Chipotle is waiting for festivities. Perfect. Better go do that now.

I've been looking for that.

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