The Works: I re-shared a refurb post today. THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP #2 For those paying attention at home, you'll notice that I haven't been terribly active with my GSW blog. If I could fit in everything my heart desired on top of the chores of life, I'd be both lucky and unique in that ability. At this point, more posts are in process but not done. I'm not sure what this year will have in store for me, but there has been a lot of "stuff" that has been in the way of me executing on the things. In addition to that, I have been spending mental energy and time working on other areas that I'm entertaining the idea of pursuing. More vagueness. Having these Notes have helped to keep me active with blogging, and the GSW posts will be coming as they come.

Present Situation: I spent the last few hours cleaning—too many toys. Now, I'm going to spend some time with The Toddler, get some steps, and watch some Little Einsteins. Bedtime soon. I had today off, which was great, but I'll be back at The Place That Pays Me tomorrow for a 4 day stint. Not a whole lot of progress this week as a whole but still moving forward on many fronts. I'd be out at a Wild game (hockey) if my wife didn't have a prior outing scheduled. It was nice to be invited. That's okay. Next time, buddy.

This is what running 5 miles will do to you.

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