Oh So Brutal: This is a post I found a while back and have revisited a few times. I find it interesting, though not surprising, that something like this movement or style exists. I can't say it influenced how my current sites are set up, because I never knew about Brutalist Web Design until sometime this year. I like the concept, and though I'm pretty sure I don't follow it to a "T," I feel a certain kinship to it. I just want simple, clean, and to the point. I used to build sites in Frontpage. I wouldn't say I was good at it, but I was constantly redesigning or "updating" the sites I had regardless of whether I had new content (words or music) to share or not. Keeping it simple has helped me to focus on the content, the reason my page exists. Sure, I'll always find things to tweak and improve but at least I have boundaries to reign me in. https://brutalist-web.design/

Present Situation: Today was a rough day at work. I had to be in early. I haven't caught up on sleep from the week. A day that was already busy because I have Sunday off. A day where, if it could go wrong, it was going to. I decided early on that it was a good chance to challenge myself and rise above adversity. Things ended up working out, and now, I can enjoy the night knowing I have tomorrow off. Some screen time catching up on some shows is in order. And then, hopefully, some catch-up sleep.

"What are you looking at?! Haven't you ever seen a man made out of wax?!"

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