James Bond: Welcome to the James Bond note. I've really got nothing to say about James Bond beyond that.

Goal For The Week: To sleep an average of at least 7 hours each night.

HoliMUDzle: We ventured out to the Holidazzle in downtown Minneapolis around 3 this afternoon and left around 6. Due to the warm temps, the whole area looked more suited for mud wrestling, albeit a cold winter form of mud wrestling. Rather than go deep into what we did, I will give a quick rundown. Food purchases consisted of cheese curds, mini donuts, and cinnamon roasted cashews. We saw 2 alpacas named Santana and Fortunate One. We took a "sleigh ride" into downtown and then back again. It was more like a sleigh-like trailer being pulled by a truck. It WAS a little neat to travel through the city at night in that fashion. The kids played plenty at the parks at Loring Park, where the Holidazzle was held. The wife and two older kids skated. We did a little walking around the vendors and other booths and attractions. They had fun. I was there to hold stuff, watch kids, and pay for things—dad life.

Present Situation: Two kids are sleeping in bed. The Toddler has crashed on the couch. This week's The Wigan Runner UK FitBit Workweek Hustle has started (12AM UK time/6PM US Central) and I need to step, step, step and get my run in. I should try and get a meal plan for the week and a grocery list together for shopping tomorrow. Having Sunday off has thrown my routine into turbulence. I'd love to watch a show before bed. I also need to get my mile run in yet today (and I ate too much for dinner, sigh). I like to get my runs in during challenge hours as much as possible. Plus, I woke with a headache today that lasted until we went to the Holidazzle. I stretched, foam rolled, and drank water all day, but ultimately, I had to take some ibuprofen before we left. That headache just didn't want to leave. Maybe it was because I eye-rolled so hard... wait for it... that it gave me a headache.

Hey, um, you missed one?

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