The Works: I have a refurb due this Thursday, and I haven't started on it yet. As I write this, I don't even know what post is next; I live dangerously. I'm a little concerned considering I am working overtime the next two days. I'll have to figure it out. I don't HAVE to run the next two mornings before work to make those steps count toward my FitBit workweek steps, so I'll likely be spending some early morning time refurbishing. Perhaps, I can get it done within those two timeframes.

Art School: The wife gave The Toddler some child-safe scissors today, and he's been decorating the house with tiny, jagged scraps of paper ever since. Oh, well. It's good for him. The paper can be vacuumed. It's not like he's using markers on the wall again...

Christmas Classic: The two older kids and I watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town on DVD tonight. My wife was sewing at the table in the dining room, and The Toddler was busy getting his scissor-cutting fix in. I've been wanting to watch this Christmas show as it's been a while since I've seen it. The two older kids don't seem to remember watching it before, but it has been a few years or so since we watched it last.

Present Situation: Looking forward to watching the 3rd episode of the current season of Vikings and maybe a little bit of ice cream before bed. First, feeding the gremlin, er, The Toddler. Then, doing this note thing while the wife runs a mile on the treadmill. I'm working a full 8 hours of overtime tomorrow, and I still want to work towards my goal of getting an average of 7 hours of sleep per night. I didn't quite get that last night, but thank goodness for averaging, right?

"Is this a true story?" asks my eight-year-old son. "I'm not sure. I think so," I respond.

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