Run Streak: Day 184 (Definitely over the halfway mark to a full year! I ran 1.3 miles tonight. It's been since 11/23 that I've ran a 5k, and I'm thinking I should get another one in before I go too long without. I HAVE been working on running at different paces to change up my "training.")

Karate: We finished learning Elbow Set among some other moves tonight, and now, we have a few weeks off due to the Holidays. My son and I will have to find some time to practice and remember some of the new moves. I'm sure that shortly after we return there will be some testing and earning of ribbons for doing a proper Elbow Set. OH, YES! We also played Sensei Says and both my son and I each won a round. We only played three rounds and the third round was won by Sensei. So, that was nice. We won "Sensei Says Winner" stickers.

Present Situation: Writing this note while my Brony son watches My Little Ponies. My wife is getting her run in while all of this happens, and I imagine she'll be less-than-happy that The Toddler and I aren't reading books. He SHOULD fall asleep pretty quickly considering he didn't nap today at all. He's a wild card and has always been. Another day of overtime tomorrow and some more refurb to do on the post due Thursday. We didn't watch Vikings last night and instead watched a little SNL from the Claire Foy episode. I'd rather watch a Vikings episode in one sitting, but SNL is fine in chunks, and that's what we ended up having time for. I'm not sure what tonight's tv quest will have in store...

The Toddler drew a picture of himself crying while sitting on Santa's lap with Elfa off to the side.

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