Goal For The Week: I'm basically at a 6.5 hour average for sleep this week. It's make or break time. Either way, I'm getting more than last week. High five!

WTF! Awesome: I've been enjoying this link now and then for some time. How long? No clue. But, months for certain. If you click on the word "earth" or the hamburger menu next to it, both which are located in the lower left corner, you can manipulate what you see in many ways. You can see up to the moment global representations of wind, relative humidity, CO2, where there is a probability of aurora's, and lots more. Oh, and if you don't like the default globe look that you can use the mouse to spin to see anywhere on the map that you want, there are different choices in how you can view Earth. I've never looked at it on a phone, but my prescient senses tell me that you must look at it on a screen larger than a phone to really appreciate it. I find it amazing to think that we live in a time where it is even possible to have the ability to view the Earth in this way. https://earth.nullschool.net

Present Situation: We finished the Claire Foy SNL episode last night, and I don't have to/can't work tomorrow, so hello, Vikings! I feel like I've gained a few extra pounds from the puppy chow my wife made tonight. I'm fresh off of finishing up the refurbished post that I'll be re-sharing on social tomorrow. Check my social for a link to it or catch a link at Notes.gs tomorrow. Not sure where else to find me? Go to grahamsedam.com, which is basically my about page/bio/business card thing.

Ooh! Who's that handsome man with the painted-on beard? MEEE-OW

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