Posted Today: I've shared a post on social today that I recently refurbished. What is a refurbished post? Basically, it's an older post that I go back through to correct grammar based on my current knowledge, add pictures if there were none, and rephrase sentences that I prefer to rephrase. Plus, not everyone on the globe has read it. If you have an interest, read it here: The Scandalous Lives Of Frog And Toad

Current 7 Day Step Average: 37,117 steps per day

Present Situation: Fresh off of dentist appointments for all of the kids, we are hosting my wife's father and step-mother for an early Christmas get-together. The itinerary for the night: eat some of the homemade chili that I've crock-potted today for dinner (Chili Con Graham-o as I call it), partake in some gift giving, and have merry conversation.

There's a fire in my living room. I do not have a fireplace.

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