Sun Worship: Happy Winter Solstice to those of you who celebrate it. I bid you all a welcome to The Official Winter. Perhaps if we do enough rituals and such, the sun will decide to come back and stay longer? How could we possibly know whether it'll work or not? Better safe than sorry—which means it works!

Parental Tip: If you need to frequently paint your furniture with touch-up marker, then you may have kids living with you.

Present Situation: I've been thinking today that the next two weeks are going to be both great and out-of-my-element jarring. I look forward to the Holiday period but also to the normalcy that follows. I'm certainly one of many with these thoughts, but I'm taking the opportunity my thoughts presented and making a mental note to accept what can and cannot be done and to do my best at making good memories for those around me, in particular, my family. 2 more work days to go until The Christmas.

It was on that warm spring day that Larry would poop in the food tray for the last time. 

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