Road Trip, USA: It's been a long day, hours spent on the road returning home. On the way, we stopped and visited family in Iowa that we see too little of—those that were present at a get-together for my cousin and his wife. They spend time traveling and living on the road in the western part of the U.S. and Canada. We stayed for 2 hours, and we still weren't able to talk to everyone, AND there were many who didn't make it out to the gathering. A large family will do that. Still, it was great to see people.

Present Situation: I'm writing this note while a very loud karaoke concert is going on 10-15 feet away from me. I am wearing headphones just to dampen the noise. My wife is the one mostly doing the singing—no surprise there. My daughter did a little singing. My eldest son sang one. The Toddler sang two and then lost interest. I find this karaoke thing funny. My daughter wanted one for Christmas, so we got her one. But, standing at the desk and watching it all go down makes me think that, really, they are just singing to CDs. Seriously, put on a CD, turn it up loud, and there you go. I suppose the words are on the TV, but the internet has them also... I know it's "not the same," but it seems close enough. I digress. I still have a mile to run tonight. Ugh. IT MUST BE DONE! Why can't the kids' bedtimes go faster?

A party anywhere you go? Even the machine says, "No."

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