Quote Of The Day: "Live by the ruckus or die by the butterfly." This is something I came up with about 20 years ago via the inspiration from friends, because they were starting a fictitious society. The society's name was the International Ruckus Society or IRS. It didn't go anywhere, but it was fun and not everything fun has to go somewhere. I find it odd that the phrase I haphazardly came up with years ago seems to actually mean more to me now. I suppose anyone could find different meanings for it based upon their life or current life circumstances. I guess that's the beauty of words and phrases. They change with people and/or time.

WTF! Awesome: I shared this on social today, but I thought it was worth sharing again here. The picture linked was taken using 24.9 billion pixels of quantum technology. It's probably easier to enjoy on your smartphone. Interactive Picture

Present Situation: Spent a nice night going out to eat with my parents, a sister and her family, followed by hanging out at my parents' home. The cousins got wild, and it was nice to see them making memories. The Toddler is sleeping, thankfully. The rest of us are on our phones and watching The School of Rock. Well, I'm writing a note, obviously.

Sorry, you caught me in the middle of a regeneration. #DrWho

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