Correction/Retraction Stuff: In "Note 016," I mentioned a skit called "Lowered Expectations" and implied that it was an SNL skit, but I had only found MADtv skits on YouTube. It was late by the time I got the note done, and my faculties were overworked. It should seem obvious that it was in fact a MADtv series of sketches. Here's a link to a YouTube search. Enjoy. I apologize for any sleepless nights I may have caused.

Out About Town: My father, wife, kids, and I went to a museum of science. I've got nothing to say about it. I wish I did. It was fun. There's much to tell about the trip, but it would turn into a very long note/post. The Toddler got a kick out of many things, including the large pretend poop in the stuffed wildlife exhibit.

Present Situation: I got off of the phone a little bit ago with one of the credit cards I have. There were some fraudulent charges from another area of the country which made that card decline when I tried to get gas today. It's a good thing I have two cards with two different companies. Ironically unrelated, I think, we recently had rewards cash stolen from our Sam's Club membership. Fortunately, we will not be penalized for others' dishonesty. We are good about keeping tabs on things. Hopefully the rest of the night will be incident free. While I've been finishing up this post, my mother, wife, daughter, and I have been playing the games Pass the Pigs and Generation Genius - Kids vs Adults.

My wife caught me doing some run-dancing this morning. Run-dancing... running with soul!

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