The Works: I suppose that it's not obvious, but there won't be a Graham Sedam Writes blog post, new or refurbished, this week. Actually, there won't be one for the first week of the new year as well. These weeks are two weeks of the year where I have absolutely no problem slacking a bit on the blog. Ironically, these notes on Notes.gs do make up a blog. So, yeah. I have a bit of an outline figured out for January but not solidified—some of it in my head, some of it on my 'post schedule' spreadsheet. In the meantime, here's an excellent chance to catch up on my GSW posts!

Guest Writer: The Toddler wanted to write something on my 'cooper' and so I let him. I asked him what it says, and he says it is "roads and pause it." The dashes are roads and the quotations are the 'pause it,' as in what the pause symbol is on a remote. Makes sense, actually. He said he wrote his name, too, but I couldn't get much else out of him.

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Present Situation: The Toddler took another one of his dinner time naps, and so he's up for a while. My wife and I are spending some time in the living room with my mom while we watch TV, compute, chat, and whatnot. We exchanged some gifts today (better fitting boots and the correct Barbie) and bought a few with Christmas money while my dad was at a doctor's appointment. My wife and I ran together outside and did a mile. We played a couple new games with the older two kids. The only "rush" today was making sure my dad wasn't late to his appointment. It was a nice and easy day. Except for that tiny piece of glass my wife stepped on. I doctored it out like a pro. She lives!

The Toddler has developed a fondness for nutcrackers this year.

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