Hot Tip: If you have to tell someone that you're not crazy, you might be crazy.

Movie Moment, Kinda: Today, I had a thought that I have once in a while, and I usually relate it to the movie, Donnie Darko. If you haven't seen it, you should. Regardless, the thought is basically that it feels like fate takes over sometimes, and it doesn't matter what is done to try and change the current situation. The universe had a timestamp for you to be at building X at 3:45 pm, or for you to try and get a series of tasks done in an hour and unforeseen circumstances make it two. There are plenty of scenarios out there, but I hope you understand my examples. Try as you may, the flow of time will correct things if you stray too much. Perhaps, in order to avoid this dimensional guidance, one must altogether get out of that stream and into another. One must change the narrative as if there were a Level 3 Parallel Universe next door.

Present Situation: We didn't end up watching anything last night. My wife chose to shower after her run instead of spending time with me in front of a tv. I know—she's horrible. Tomorrow will be a VERY busy and long day. One would think that it should be relaxing, but Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day are busy days for my clan, and all of those festivities and travel following the busy work weekend I had, and fortunately, ended up working out and wrapping up well. Once I'm done with this note: I'll get my run in, because I want it to count towards my UK FitBit challenge. I'll take my weekly shower. And then, I WILL watch some tv. I made "will" all caps, so it's going to happen. By the way, please send me some sleep.

The universe is puzzling, ain't it?

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