WTF! Awesome: Here's something you might like. I've been thinking about this tool lately, because I have gotten to the point in my computing where I have a lot of tabs and multiple browsers open. The discovery of using F3 (as discussed in Note 027) has certainly helped me with navigating all of this, but I definitely can tell there's a lag at times, even with a fast computer. I might have to try out OneTab to cut down on the mess without losing the quick accessibility. Check it out for yourself rather than me rewording what the site says. https://www.one-tab.com/

Present Situation: I'll have to skedaddle to bed quickly. This morning's wake up and run was rough. Tonight, the family watched the local school systems 5th through 8th graders perform songs and dance; show choir is what I'm told it's called. My daughter was a part of this production, so that's how we ended up there. Behavior wise, The Toddler started out fine and went downhill, and my older son was only a little better. I left work an hour early and was still able to make it on time despite being grossly delayed due to an accident that had already happened many miles ahead. After the show choir production, I still had to get everything ready for work tomorrow and write this note. The boys are being crazy upstairs, my wife just finished fixing the washer, and I'm ready to meet up with some glorious sleep.

Looks like these 'taters are putting on a show choir of their own.

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