WTF! Awesome: This is surely not news to everyone, but earlier this week was the first time I learned what the F3 & F4 keys on my iMac do. I tend to not push buttons unless I know what they do, because I'm generally barebones get 'er done. While I can see myself using the F4 button to quickly get to multiple programs, I have been using the F3 key every time I've been on the computer since, multiple times per session. I like to have many browsers and whatnot open, and basically, if you didn't know, hitting F3 makes them all visible at once while also giving quick access to the dashboard. Apple users are now saying, "Yeah, duh." And everyone else is saying, "What? Who cares?"

Present Situation: Today and tonight were much like yesterday—work all day, come home, get ready for work tomorrow, put kids to bed. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it back downstairs to write a note, though, since The Toddler was fussy and decided to lay his head on my arm. I was able to escape but part of me didn't want to leave. My sickness hasn't gotten worse, I think (maybe slightly). So, another quick note and another early-ish bedtime. It would've been nice to have went to sleep a small bit earlier last night. One positive about the morning is that it's Sunday, and I won't be running before work. I'll have to save my strength for after work—at least for a mile.

My wife deserves the credit for this Target art, but it's quite appropriate for how my entire house smells right now. You're welcome, family.

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