Hot Tip: There will always be an excuse if you're looking for one.

Present Situation: Due to a variety of factors, my body has started losing to some sort of sickness. I have no doubt that I'll beat it once again before it gets out of hand. I've been doing my best today to give my body some of what it needs to fight it off, but the secret ingredient is getting more rest tonight than I normally get to stay in front of it. Therefore, I decided beforehand that I would do my best to not make this note too long. Not much to write about today considering I've been at work all day and have spent my entire time at home up until this point getting ready for work tomorrow and putting the two oldest kids to bed. Once I'm done here, I'll relax on the couch with The Toddler before I go to bed myself. I got my mile in this morning before work and I WILL get my mile in tomorrow morning. NO excuses. The streak continues!

Is it me or is Mr. Mucus following me?

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