Recent Links I've Enjoyed: I thought this article and embedded video were quite amusing. However, I think there's enough people out there who are millennials and are like this. Hence, the how and why there is a millennial stereotype in the first place. When You Know Millennial Advertising Has Jumped The Shark I'm not going to comment much on this next one but thought it was a hand-to-the-chin thinker. Ideology can be very scary and dangerous. Think for yourselves. Don't subscribe to a brand of thinking. Everything needs to be scrutinized periodically on its own merits. Challenge yourself. Americans Are Shifting The Rest Of Their Identity To Match Their Politics

Present Situation: I'm feeling pretty good right now. I seem to be in front of this sick thing and another night of sleep should make it a memory. My wife and I getting our runs in tonight is on the agenda as it WAS the start to The Wigan Runner UK Fitbit Workweek Hustle at 6 PM. Get those steps. I'm also feeling pretty good because I just wrapped up my work weekend, and I'm ready for some time off to do everything else in my life. I like busy. I stay busy very easily. As you can imagine, I'll finish up this note, run on the treadmill, shower, and hopefully get some TV in before bed. And yes, you guessed right! That's two nights in a row where ALL of the kids are bed!

Whoa! How'd they fit it all in there?

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