Hot Tip: Ideas themselves don't always matter as much as the mouths they come from. I have found this to be incredibly true. What says you?

Present Situation: All of the kids are in bed. I might actually get this note done in time to relax AND go to bed at a decent time. I talk about sleep a lot in this part of my notes. I know that I need more and that it is important. I started getting up earlier on work mornings sometime last year, and I don't want to give that up as I believe it to be a good thing for reasons like: running, reading, being ready on time for possible bad weather etc. Oh, yeah. The morning writing. That process didn't work out as hoped; I'll talk more about it in a future GSW post. Anyway, I know what I have to do and, for the most part, it's putting my phone away when I get into bed. That's the "low-hanging fruit" in this bedtime/phone, present situation.

We had more snow on the ground last year on 01/03.
Not a lot more... but more.

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