Run Streak: Day 210!

Run The Year: I didn't run as much last week as I would have liked. The time wasn't there but the drive to run more was. Still, I have 23 miles in for the month/year so far without counting the mile I plan on running tonight after this note business.

Batman 1966: I came home to the older two kids watching an episode of Batman circa 1966. They seem to like watching it, though, they don't seem to show much enthusiasm for it. I remember watching bits/episodes as a kid, and I found it intriguing tonight to watch the last five minutes of an episode as an adult. I don't mean to offend anyone who is serious about their love for the show, but it's pretty funny. Sometimes laugh-out-loud but mostly just in a bizarre huh-and-shake-my-head kinda way. I'm not talking about how the times in which it was filmed is concerned, but just at the absurdity of it. I guess the movies and shows of our time have more realism involved? Maybe in fifty years they'll be laughing at what we watched. The gem I got to witness was one that I had seen before where Batman and Robin have to rehydrate world leaders. So many holes in the story, in the scene. So much undramatic drama.

Present Situation: Well, you know how I've been whining about sleep? Yeah, the sickness is coming back. I'm not down with the sickness, heavy metal band named Disturbed. No way, dude. I still have my mile to run, a shower to take, and it's still early for now. I do know that I won't be up late, and I don't have to go into work tomorrow. Take THAT sickness!

It's a 'drink coffee while I write' kind of night.

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