FTW: So, my wife and I had a disagreement today. I've always thought the acronym FTW meant "fuck the world," and I've actually heard/seen others use it in this way. SHE says that it means "for the win." After doing some research on the internet, I've learned that we are both correct. "Fuck the world" was actually the original meaning going back decades, and more recently, "for the win" has taken over as a more PC use of the acronym. However, depending on the setting you're using these letters (video gaming character 'facing the wall,' meaning he is not currently playing), it can take on any meaning you choose to give it.

Ear Tickler: Last week and this week, I've been listening to a station I created called Instrumental Hip Hop Radio. Mostly when I've worked on the computer, whether writing or not, I'll listen to rock or instrumental stuff that's more in the flavor of rock. One random song that popped up when I was listening to Mogwai Radio, and it seemed an odd choice for Pandora to play, gave me the nudge to try something else for a while. So, I did. It's been fun so far. I've noticed that Dr Dre's The Chronic: 2001 has come up quite a bit in the rotation. No complaints here. Why instrumental? Because, sometimes, other people singing words gets in the way of the brain focusing on the task at hand—especially writing. But, the wordless music can provide inspiration and energy that wouldn't otherwise be there. And, it helps to drown out noises from other people in the house...

Present Situation: The Toddler has made leaps and bounds recently as far as becoming a better, more consistent sleeper. This will hopefully continue and my wife and I can count on being able to enjoy a quiet evening with a little TV more often. It's been a good Monday. A productive Monday. A family getting along Monday. My wife and I have our runs in, she's sitting with The Toddler while he nods off, and I'm writing this daily note. I'm pretty sure we'll be stepping in front of the TV shortly. I'm hoping to watch the only and most current episode of SNL we haven't gotten to. I believe the host is Matt Damon. I hope it's not locked yet. And yes, I still have some sickness, but it seems to be getting better. Though, this time around, it got worse than it did last time. Oof. Long note today. Hey, we bought a money tree when we went grocery shopping this morning.

We're going to be rich! All we have to do is add 2 ice cubes a week.

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