WTF! Awesome: My daughter clued the family in on a pretty cool way to create your own game of Jeopardy. She had it on her iPad but was AirPlay-ing to the TV, making it all the better. She created the categories, answers, and questions. Try it out for yourselves. https://jeopardylabs.com/

Welcome To The Potty: We had karate tonight, my son and I. The Toddler has been potty training and earned himself an ice cream sundae from McDonald's just before I left, so I had to pick one up on the way home. My daughter didn't understand the situation and put in her ice cream order as well. Nope, sorry. Everyone getting ice cream doesn't make it a special treat for his accomplishment. My wife and I have been trying to explain to the kids what a big change this is for The Toddler. We're just happy that he has an interest that feels like it developed pretty much out of nowhere. We, of course, have been encouraging it for months, but he didn't care. He even told my father-in-law that he wouldn't be able to go to school because he wasn't potty trained, like no big whoop. I'm excited for him, because it needs to happen, but I'm also sad because my baby is growing up. There's no going back.

Present Situation: The. Record. Skips. Because. It's. Broken. Drinking some coffee because it feels good in my throat. Sickness getting better but slowly. It hasn't taken me out yet, and it's different everyday. Today was the first day where I actually felt like it was making me drag a bit. Still, the streak continued with 3 miles conquered. The motivation is there, but the caffeine acts as a performance enhancer. I enjoyed the Matt Damon SNL episode we watched last night. I'm not sure what TV is on the agenda tonight. Wife is close to getting The Toddler asleep, I'm sure. Finish note. Do some small task work on the computer until she comes down. Carry on, people. No one can do it alone.

We were at Target today and found this gem as is.
Well done, stranger. Well done.

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