Movie Moment: We started watching the movie Solo tonight. We got about an hour in before it was bedtime for the older two. The Toddler wasn't being very well behaved just as we started it, so my wife took him upstairs to put him to bed. It's what he needed. My wife will have to get caught up tomorrow during the day, because we plan to finish it tomorrow night. This happens often with us and long movies that we watch with the kids—splitting it up into two viewings. We just make sure it's two nights in a row, or it becomes more difficult to enjoy.

The Works: Yesterday, among other various blog work and promotion, I went through and updated the refurbished post I will be sharing tomorrow. I didn't mention that in yesterday's note. Today, I drummed for about 2 hours. I don't know exactly when my mind started getting ideas for changing up my drum and cymbal positions, but I've thought about trying something that wasn't as much of a "traditional" set up as I had it, essentially moving my ride cymbal to a more central part of the kit (between two toms) and setting up the kit around that. The way I have it now isn't strange or earth shattering, but it's different for me and something I'll have to get used to a bit to decide whether I like it or not. It seemed like it took too long to get everything moved and adjusted, but I had to adjust and readjust several times. My kit is electronic and is rack mounted, so I'm somewhat limited and had to get creative. All of this activity happened right at the end of my drum time. The picture below is what I captured when I was done adjusting everything after playing a final few songs. No, I didn't count changing up my kit within those 2 hours of drumming.

Present Situation: My sickness is progressing through the normal stages. I've been getting good sleep and more of it. I could still use even more, even a nap, my wife yelled at me today. She chewed me out. She's right, I'm sure, but don't tell her I said that. Though, I do believe the sweating on the treadmill did and does me good. I wasn't going for speed records, so it was a nice and easy slow 2 mile run. Not so much sweating with the drumming. That probably just wore me down. I don't know what's on the agenda for the rest of the night, a little TV I imagine, but taking it easy and going to bed early would probably be a good idea. I've got a shindig to attend on Saturday.


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