Sick News, Bro: Oh, boy. I'm getting better, but it just won't let go. Last night wasn't the best I've slept, but tonight will surely be different. I got a small nap in today. I'm planning on another nap tomorrow in addition to calling in to work. I need the rest, even though I don't feel that tired. I'm nearly over the hump, and I don't want to screw it up by going to work. I would hope that they wouldn't want me there anyway considering. One thing that was nice about the day was that I slowed down. It caused me to spend some more quality time with The Toddler, like on the floor building wooden train set tracks. We also watched some of his TV shows and colored. The fact that preschool is coming soon is starting to get to me.

The Works: I re-published and promoted an old refurbished post today. It was the first in a series I still publish to this day, "THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP #1."

Present Situation: A little relaxing on the couch with the wife and some TV before an early bedtime. I don't know what we'll watch. My wife wants to watch the movie Chicago to do some research on an upcoming shindig we're a part of. I might be surfing on my phone at the same time. Oh, and we didn't finish Solo tonight. That's how it goes, I guess. Tomorrow night for sure.

"Daddy and me make good train tracks."

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