Out About Town: Today was the first day that I had ever been to an Ax-Man Surplus store. I had heard good things about them from a few different people, but I wasn't prepared for how long I could spend going up and down the aisles and debating on whether I needed any and all of the merchandise. The Toddler and my wife were there as well looking around, and The Toddler fell in love with a calculator. It was $2.95 so I didn't argue with him and let him use Christmas money that he swears was birthday money to buy it. The guy working the register told him that the calculator worked because it caught energy from the sun. The Toddler has repeated this throughout the day, sharing this information with everyone he shows it to. He loves it. I bought a wireless computer keyboard for my music computer that was super easy to set up. The only other thing we bought was 22 pieces of 12x12x4 acoustic studio foam. It's a gray color that is nearly an exact match of the paint in my studio, and it will hopefully motivate me to do more sound treatment in my studio. The foam is only good for high frequencies, so I'll have to use the right amount in the right place. I have other plans for the rest of the frequencies.

The Works: Today, I published my first post of the year, "Resolutions = Revolutions: 2019 Goals," for Graham Sedam Writes.

Present Situation: I'm tired. There will not be enough hours in the night for the sleep. The Toddler is up being toddler-y, and the wife still needs to get her run in. I haven't stepped as much as I would have liked today or this week, really, but I'll get some more in before bed. We saw this year's Bartz brothers snow sculpture during the evening, just before dusk. They are always much more impressive in person. Go to their Facebook page or Instagram.

Every year since The Toddler has been born, I have tried to appease the snow monster with a snack, and it has ALWAYS been offended. Shocked, even.

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