Book Report: Doing Time in Hollywood by Brian Gallagher_ I'm happy to report that I've made it to page 193 of 231. I wouldn't have made such a big page-count jump if it weren't for my wife reading to me while driving on a recent road trip. I'll take it. I've long considered listening to books as another avenue but have never taken the jump or have figured out all of the steps required to get to the point where I can just hit play and listen. I do like my quiet drives to and from The Place That Pays Me, so I'm not in a hurry to make it happen quite yet. I'm still enjoying this peek into Brian's life and am wondering when he might get to doing a podcast around the book. He has mentioned doing this a few times that I know of, as I'm not just pulling it from the air.

The Works: Another week of being a bit out of sorts has led me right back into another weekend at The Place That Pays Me. It's been nice to be back to working my normal schedule for the last two weeks, but I've also been itching to do more than the domestics. I don't have any blog posts that are done, just fragments and ideas strewn about. I haven't been terribly motivated to do anything musically, but I've had to push that to the back of my mind since sometime in January. Music, for me, is not an easy thing to jump in and out of. I need to warm up and reacquaint myself to have any chance of really moving forward. Even when I know what I want to accomplish, I'm often plagued with indecision and the want to squeeze as much experience/knowledge out of the session as I can. Then there's the whole deal with wanting things to be "just right." I'm mostly speaking of writing and recording music as far as music goes. Writing for my blogs is similar but not nearly to the same extreme. I think the amount of time and money that I've spent on music throughout my life and what I've ultimately gained from it has worked against me at this point. There is plenty of bad taste in my mouth. Plus, I've got so much else I want to do and these compete with music for my time.

Rock 'N Roll! Safely.

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