Recent Link I've Enjoyed: The post I've linked to is a pretty short one but still has some potency—for me, at least. I've been working on, albeit at a slow and measured pace in all, exactly what it speaks to. It's one of the reasons for my creating and executing upon my goals. It's one of the reasons why I bother to blog or interact with the internet at all. I want to get out of my ruts, to see the world differently, to push myself, to figure out what I want out of life and why. Sure, that's expanding on the post a bit, but I see the connections. Be a little bit better each day and step outside of those comfort zones.
Sunday Firesides: The Slipstream of Comfort

Hot Tip: If someone is doing something, there's likely a greater than 50% chance that it is intentional, and maybe, you are not privy to the 'why.'

Present Situation: I wasn't so sure I was going to do this note tonight. I missed the last two days in part due to lack of motivation and also to spend time with members of my family. Tonight, we "spring ahead," so I lose an hour of sleep due to my need to wake for The Place That Pays Me. My wife was using the treadmill and all of the littles are sleeping, so I figured I'd go for it. I'll be in bed soon. (On my way home tonight, there were some cars in quite interesting places and positions that I would gladly pay to see footage of "the how.")

I've been known to take pictures of urinals that I find to be unique, out-of-the-ordinary pieces of useful art. This one is from Ikea by The Mall of America. I've made it black and white to bring out its artiness. Prints will be made available for all serious $$$ requests. Contact me for information on exhibit availability.

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