Mileage Mayhem: I ran in my shoes today. Because of the strange "fatigue" feeling I've had in my left ankle (which is probably just as much the top of my foot as my ankle) I was kind of wondering if that would be a good idea to try and my wife also suggested it as well. It was strange running in shoes. At first, it was great to run with a cushion under my feet. After a while, I could feel it working my legs in a different way that they're not used to, and I could feel soreness (not pain) in other areas of my legs. I had to really push through those first 4 miles as the entirety of both legs felt heavy and overworked. My wife suggested shooting for 2.75 to hit the daily minimum I need. Knowing that I need the weekdays to make up for the weekends, I was determined to run more. When I hit 4.5 miles, everything changed. I felt amazing. I pushed through to the other side. Mind over body. Endorphins, adrenaline, I don't know. I'm super proud of myself. I ended running 6.1 miles. I would have never thought it was a reality when I had started out today, but I could have ran even more if I had desired to. As I made it through those 6.1 miles, I was thinking about a couple of my UK friends, Running Beardo and The Wigan Runner. They've helped inspire my running as they have powered and pushed through greater ups and downs than I have. Their streaks are much longer and their average daily mileage is too. As I power and push through, I can feel myself become a stronger and better person in every way.

Recovery Week: One of the items on my "must do" list this week was to make some chili. For me, it was more than just making a food that my family likes. It was about having enough time in the week to feel as though I could take the time to do it. It was about doing something simple but rewarding. This week has been good so far with its simple aims. I'm trying my best to learn something from that. I'm good at cramming in as much as I can, and while I don't plan on ending that practice, I can also see incorporating more "recovery time" as well. Call it whatever you want, but it's always good to slow down and regroup.

Present Situation: I'll have some time to myself between publishing/promoting this post and whenever my wife and I are able to watch a little TV. As per my note last night, it got me thinking about doing a little reading out of my current book. Normally, I would scroll through social or read articles from my Feedly feed or a newsletter from my email. While those are not bad choices, I have a goal to hit.

What's up, dog?

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