About Today: I normally like having taxes done in February. With all of the overtime I worked last month, it wasn't something to even consider doing. I was very happy to get those started today, and really, they should be filed tomorrow. Always a good feeling for me. I even got a nap in for a little while on top of getting at least 8 hours of sleep last night. It's been a while—too long. I got 5 miles in on the treadmill despite having that fatigued feeling in my left ankle that I mentioned in the last note. Karate went really well tonight, and it was nice to notice the improvements my son and I are making. It's been great to hear him talking about how he's noticing it, too, and being able to explain to me how he's doing better.

Book Report: Doing Time in Hollywood by Brian Gallagher_ I've made it passed the halfway point in the book and am currently on page 127. One nice thing about working as much as I did last month was the extra morning reading time. It being winter didn't help, though. Of the many reasons why I like setting myself these goals, one reason is that it forces me to "find a way." I might not do that otherwise. I see that I'm barely over halfway through the book, and I should finish it before the end of the month to stay on track. I'm going to need to find time outside of my normal book reading time. It doesn't help that my normal book reading time repeatedly gets encroached upon.

Present Situation: It's been a little while again since all of the kids have been in bed at a decent time. My wife still has to get her run in and cookie season hasn't helped out, giving her plenty to do in the evenings. I really want to get back on track with sleeping more. It's been really easy, easier actually, to get less sleep when I'm working more just to try and fit more "time" into my waking day. Not really the best route, and I've noticed its toll. Still, I'd like to watch something tonight. We're so far behind.

I'm not so sure that taking the stairs would be easier than just walking up the hill.

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