Recent Link I've Enjoyed: This article is one that resonated with me on many levels: personally, financially, professionally, and in regards to my life with my wife and children. I've been filling my head with so much good stuff lately, in my opinion, that I'll explode if I can't start incorporating more of this stuff into my life. I'm fully aware that nothing meaningful comes fast and easy, but I've never been afraid of the work. I was finally able to get my wife to read this article, and I'm trying to slowly pick her brain to see if it actually means anything to her, too. I hope so.

Present Situation: Today wasn't terribly exciting—errands and to do's were on order. I ran 4 miles even though I was shooting for 5. My ankles were feeling weak and I was having bodily wooziness. Still, I pushed to 4. I have plenty of sleep yet to catch up on and my brain knows it. A night in a state of vegetation would be good.

Thumbs UP—Good Time! I'm ready for Girl Scout cookie season to be over. It causes too much strife some days. If you would like to help my daughter reach her goal, please go here. Do it for me to end my suffering, if not for her. Maybe you would like to watch this video we made to promote sales?

This could be my big break.

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