Run Streak: Day 259!

Mileage Mayhem: I have logged 149.8 running miles for 2019 so far!

Run The Year: For the week ending today, I ran 18.5 miles. It is certainly short of my need to run a minimum of 19.3 miles a week to not add to my mileage debt. If this is in the area of my new low, I shouldn't have a problem reaching my goal this year. Still, I am currently 20.7 miles behind. I am looking to make this week really count and hopefully achieve a new personal best in regards to how many miles I can log.

Present Situation: No overtime this week. In defense of The Place That Pays Me, the overtime I work has been voluntary. I don't like to let opportunities to make more money pass me by too much. Scarcity complex or something. I definitely pushed my personal limits in how much I could take. I'm moving on now, and this week will be great. I have high hopes for getting my life back on track. Unfortunately, this doesn't involve anything like writing for my blog, or working on music, or any other project or ambition I have. This week is all about the basics—recovery. I hope to share a bit about them through my notes.

Pulling carriages might be a worthwhile idea for my training.

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