Deep Thoughts: February has been a pretty busy month. It has drained me of much energy and enthusiasm. This, along with the videos I've been watching while running, has caused me to think more on what I need to do right now. These thoughts and feelings were already there in the background, but the way the month has gone has had an amplification effect. I'm being vague, and I will stay that way for now. What I will say is that, as part of my recovery, I'm going to slow down my contributions to Notes.gs (and Graham Sedam Writes, as it has already slowed due to the busyness) among other changes. I'll still be knocking out my goals the best I can, and I'll likely try to still write these notes, but I want to pivot my writing a bit to journaling and contemplation—to focus on life's big picture and my place in it. I feel like that would be more beneficial for me right now, and I don't want to start disliking my blogs because I HAVE to do it. I feel like it's better for everyone in the long run.

Present Situation: ANOTHER day of overtime tomorrow. Today had me a bit bummed for many reasons not all related. I should get to bed soon. It sounds like my wife is done on the treadmill, which is good because that's where I sleep on work nights. Karate went pretty well tonight. I pride myself on the small improvements I (think I) make each week and helping my son to improve incrementally as well. Ran 5 miles yesterday and again today = Zzzzzzz

No exaggerations—summer feels like a lifetime ago.

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