Run Streak: Day 252!

Mileage Mayhem: I have logged 131.3 running miles for 2019 so far!

Run The Year: I have run 19.1 miles this past week (Monday through Sunday). For those paying close attention to my notes on running, you'll know that I need to run a minimum of 19.3 miles a week to not add to my mileage debt. This means that I added 0.2 miles to my debt, putting me at an even 20 miles behind. I'll take it. New highs. New lows. New averages. I have been consistently trending upward and that's what really matters at this point.

Present Situation: I have to wake up early to go to The Place That Pays Me tomorrow for more overtime. First, I'll need to call my mom back and keep an eye on The Toddler while my wife runs on the treadmill. The TV is doing a pretty good job of keeping him occupied. Thanks, Morphle. A relaxing shower before bed will be one of the last things I do before I lay down for The Sleep.

I'm on track to run more miles in February than January.

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