Run Streak Sneak Peak: Monday through Thursday, I have grown accustomed to running in the middle to late part of the afternoon. I have to schedule it sometime and I actually like running before dinner. Friday and Saturday mornings before work are when I squeeze in a mile to keep my streak going on those days. It's what works for me and my family, but it isn't easy. I'm generally pretty tired on those mornings and the last thing I want to do is get up and walk over to the treadmill a few feet from the bed to run. There have been countless mornings by now where the thought of not running has crossed my mind. No one would know the difference. No one at all. But, I would know, and I know that running that slow mile will make me a better runner and a more disciplined person. I put aside short-term laziness for long-term strength.

Present Situation: The Toddler seems to be sick. A fever and yucky pants is probably a good indicator. Let us hope that we can keep the sickness contained. It used to be that the kids got sick right at the onset of a holiday or vacation. Now, they/we tend to get sick a couple of weeks out. Regardless, he is getting some much needed sleep. The older two will be going to bed soon. The Daughter attended a Girl Scout event where it sounds like a bunch of girls just flossed. That's all I heard. The Wife still needs to run since she was required to chaperone The Daughter. The night seems to be going quickly. Will I have time to finish The Halsey episode of SNL?

Hey, Pixar, drop me a line. I'm a whiz at this facial expression thing.

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