The Year In Steps: 1,693,694 steps and counting. That translates into 847.69 miles for the year.

Book Report: Doing Time in Hollywood by Brian Gallagher_ I'm on page 93 with 138 to go. I'm starting to realize that reading before work in the summer seems to be much easier. I don't have to leave early for traffic, clean off my car, or start it just to warm up. Also, I run on Friday and Saturday mornings due to my wife and my schedules, so that really cuts into reading time, and when you throw in sleepy mornings that make it harder to get up, yeah. I'm happy to get one page in some mornings. I'm going to have to approach things differently if I'm going to reach my reading goal this year—or at least get on track to finish the book by the end of March. Theoretically, I should be halfway through it right now. More sleep seems to be a recurring theme. It would certainly make a difference here.

Present Situation: About 10 minutes ago, The Toddler finished up on his second round of watching Wreck-It Ralph today. He tells me it's one of his favorites right now. Everybody is still up, and I have no energy for it. My wife and daughter just got back from a Girl Scout cookie sale run. My older son just turned on one of those computer generated marble runs on YouTube that I've talked about recently. Everything feels noisy and chaotic, and I just want to sit in quiet. I'll have to start herding the children towards their beds. Another 12 hour workday awaits me tomorrow.

Hours and hours of "fun."

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