Recent Link I've Enjoyed: So, I'm going to leave this here, and you can see what you think about it. I'm pretty sure it's a joke site/movement, like "ironic" or something. Even if it is a joke, you know there are people out there taking it super-seriously. Birds Aren't Real

The Works: Not much has been going on in these regards. This week there has been no music in general or drums specifically. There has been no work done at all this week for Graham Sedam Writes, but I HAVE BEEN getting these daily notes out. I HAVE BEEN chipping away at my other goals and habits, and I HAVE HAD a really great week as far as increasing my running mileage. There are always pluses despite the minuses. I'm trying to recognize that more and more.

Present Situation: I'm going to keep this short. I really want to SIT on the couch with The Toddler and watch Wreck-It Ralph with him. Bedtime will come soon enough. The morning and the pilgrimage to The Place That Pays Me will too.

Life has gotten rough for Qbert. At least he didn't go Turbo.

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